Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Buddha Baby Birthday Bash

Today, my middle child, my gorgeous blue eyed Boo baby, turns three years old.

Hard to believe that three years ago I was sobbing on the phone to the OB because I was in so much pain and couldn't sleep. (Boo was a nine pounder, 20 inches long, and very happy on my sciatic nerve.)

It's hard to believe that three years ago I was on an operating table getting my rib displaced and my son born.

That baby, who I held and nicknamed Buddha, is now a wild and crazy three year old with his own mind and agenda, that only occasionally corresponds with my own.

That baby, now a big boy, as he'll tell anyone who listens, made my body hurt for months and now makes my heart aches with how sweet he can be and my ribs crack with his humor.

My Boo is like no other child in the world. I gave the world a gift that may grown up to be a doctor, the president, or a garbage man. But there will be no other person like my son.

Every morning when I leave, Boo calls for me to wait and runs up to give me a flying body hug, clinging to my pant legs and holding me fast. In the evenings, when I get home, he's the first to greet me and try to help me take my shoes off.

In the evenings, he curls up in my lap, plops his thumb in his mouth, and vegs, normally digging his mutant monkey toes into my delicate flesh.

When I'm eating, he comes and mooches food.

When I turn my back, he steals my drinks.

And when I go to bed, I'll occasionally find a bed partner curled up alongside me, blue eyes wide, and he'll reach out a hand and touch my face.

My little man turns three today, and I thanks the gods that I have him, in all his wicked, evil, mischievous heathen glory.

Happy birthday, Buddha Baby!

My Boo shares a birthday with a friend's baby, Hayden, born March 31, 2006, who earned his wings May 1, 2006. Boo and I both wish Hayden a happy birthday. He's always with us, Stephanie. *Hugs*

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