Wednesday, March 18, 2009

You didn't back up?

Ever seen that Sex In the City episode where Carries computer crashes and all anyone can ask her, "You didn't back up?"
That's me.
Minus the cute figure and killer heels.
And the weird face wart--ew!
My beloved computer has decided to start pushing up daisies without letting me say goodbye.
I have begged. I have pleaded. I have promised illicit favors.
It just teases me with a blinking light and no action.
I didn't back up.
My babies pictures are on it.
My taxes are on it.
My life is on it.
I'm screwed, without lube.
And right now, finances being the dark pit of despair that they are, I can't afford to replace it.
I am being thrown to the pre-technology wolves in a very unkind manner, forced to get my fix at work or elsewhere, on the dirty, cruel streets, like a junkie.
Or at my mom's house, which has my brother and his family living in it while his new place is being built. Very crowded for computer perusing.
Welcome to my Stone Age. Pull up a tablet.

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