Monday, March 2, 2009

Rat Dog Extraordonaire!

With the passage of my beloved Tequila dog, I have turned to our family's other Chihuahua, Saketini Sock It To Me, for my dose of canine companionship.
Saki, as he is called, along with other nicknames, such as Wiener, Wienie, Rat Dog, etc, is a sweet boy with a messed up eye and Billy Bob teeth. He also has seizures, which result in loss of control, but he is such a good boy that i have put my fingers in his mouth (I know--smart owner!) and never been bitten.
The Man, who loves a lost cause, decided we had to have the mentally challenged dog instead of its normal litter mate.
So it's all his fault.
Saki is a good dog, having survived Bug's WWF body slam stage, Harvey's attempts to play, which involved picking up a pissed off rat dog and carrying him, squealing, around the yard.
Saki adores my heathens, mostly because they have food, and spends a good portion of his life running from them or trying to steal french fries from their grubby little paws.
Although Saki will never replace Tequila in my heart, he has certainly lessened the heartache and made the loss of my canine companion a bit easier.
And looking at him makes me laugh.

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