Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Bug was feeling a bit bossy. Boo was feeling a bit put out. A simple order to go get a book resulted in a right hook that connected with the eye and sent my four year old reeling.
I don't understand how, one minute, my boys are best friends, and the next, they are fighting tooth and nail.
Although the books tell me its normal, I, being a girl, am appalled to realize my boys are bullies and brawlers.
All I can hear in my mind is some poor kids hiding, whispering, "Watch out for those two. They are trouble!"
You know the kids I'm talking about. The school bullies. And since my boys are only 18 months apart, they will be one grade apart in school. They are close in size and different in temper. bug is lightening fast in everything, including temper. Boo is slow and deliberate, and a dirty street fighter.
I'm afraid of the calls from school and my meetings with the principal in the future.
Somebody tell me its all boys and not just mine!
Please don't let me be raising juvenile delinquents when they are barely out of diapers.


Hattie said...

Don't worry I think it's a boy thing. Mine always throw down w/ each other and they're all 4 yrs apart. My 4 year old is the toughest out of all of them!

Just the five of us said...

It is a kid thing! Becca and Kevin fight like cats and dogs and I remember doing the same with my sisters. Maybe it is the closeness in age that makes it worse. Hang in there.