Friday, March 6, 2009

Spring has sprung

Well, not officially.
But close enough for the desperate parents of stir crazy children.
The weather has been nice enough The Man has taken the heathens out all afternoon for the past two days.
He has slathered them with sunscreen, put on hats, and broken out the Gator juice.
And they have played and rolled and laughed until, each night, they collapse into little stinky pools that I have to wash and feed.
So spring has sprung around our house, with all the sounds and smells associated with it.
Punk smelled like a funky little boy yesterday, which always disturbs me.
Girls shouldn't smell like sweat and gym socks.
And Punk discovered the fun of rolling down hills. Accidentally to start. Bug chased her. She fell. Yada yada. But after that, there was no stopping the girl. Just so you know, a rolling baby gathers no moss--but they do occasionally pick up other funky stuff!
Grandma was silly enough to stop by for a hug.
She was slimed and muddied and rubbed on by three sweaty little bodies.
When i arrived home, I immediately began calling, "Don't touch me!" as I battled my way through what appeared to be three little boys.
And I stopped.
When did I get a third son.
Then I realized what The Man had dressed my baby in.
Boys tennis shoes (two sizes too big), nylon sweat pants (also the boys), a big whit t-shirt, and a doo rag.
My neighbor said we had a cute baby boy.
And she would be a cute boy. Except she's a girl.
With dirt wedged up her nose.
And reeking of fun and play and that pile of dog poop she rolled through--thankfully it was dry and crusty.
So breathe with me. Deep, cleansing breaths. And then hold your breath so you can wash the smell of spring off your wee little heathens when they decide rolling is an oh-so brilliant idea!

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