Monday, March 16, 2009

The meaning of manners

I work in a business where I have contact with customers multiple times a day.
And, several times a day, I suffer verbal abuse by upset customers, just because I happen to be on the front line.
I knew it when I took the job. I have a thick skin, so it doesn't bother me much.
But I do wonder about who taught these people their manners.
When they are dropping F bombs right and left, calling me a female dog, and insulting my intelligence, so they really think that makes me a strong advocate on their behalf?
Do they really think that my business lives to inconvenence them when the simple solution to many of their problems would be to pay their bill each month instead of letting three months go by and then getting upset when actions are taken?
Do they really believe they are the only person in the world with children, mortgages, auto repairs, electric and gas bills--I manage to pay my bills. And that's with a husband on workman's comp.
It's not easy. It's not fun.
But neither is being yelled at by a customer for their own inability to manage their finances adequately.
I admit. I'm far from perfect. I curse when the mood strikes, although I do try to curb it when my kids are around and not unleash it on hapless cutomer service reps when I have to call.
I know my mama tried.
I wonder if their mother's spoke that way. I wonder who taught them to speak to others in that fashion.
And I wonder if I should ship them a bar of soap and instructions for washing their mouths out.

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I'm still trying --