Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sleep--the Final Frontier

These are the ramblings of a sleep deprived mother.
her mission, to tuck her heathens into bed and have them stay there.
Her life mission
To finally get to sleep
Without strange faces pearing at her in the middle of the night
Or babies crying for no apparent reason.

I am so sleep deprived, I am writing odes to it.

Oh sleep, how I miss thee!
The warm embrace of fluffy pillows,
The comfort of a crisp, cool sheet,
And the silence and darkness that accompany
The nighttime hours.
I remember you fondly,
A friend, a partner,
Who has abandoned me out of fear
Of my children.
Who refuse to sleep.
Who wake us for no reason
Except devilish glee
At our suffering.
Who teeth and nurse and
Whine and mona at all hours,
Then fall back into blissful slumber
Once we have been awaken,
Leaving us staring a sleep pursed lips
In jealousy. For we know,
we will have no more rest
Until they bury us.
And even then, I doubt it.

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