Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Preschool Preparation

I have a preschooler.
Well. Almost.
I have a four year old whose enrolled in preschool for this fall.
But I have to finish his enrollment in August.
And then go back a few days before school to meet his teacher.
And then actually take him to school
Yep. You got it. We're almost, not quite, sort of,, nearly there.
Enrolling in college, getting married, and giving birth to brand new human being required less paperwork! COMBINED!
Bug passed his tests--tests for preschool? I'm still puzzled by this one!--easily. And my carpal tunnel is being treated in a few weeks thanks to the sheaves of papers they distracted me with.
Bug was so proud of himself. His little chest was puffed out an, after prying him out of the building, all we heard all night was, "I miss my school. Can we go back? Maybe tomorrow?"
August can't get here soon enough for him.
For m? it can wait a little while longer, so I can try to huff the last remaining baby smells off of him, so I can snuggle him close and not have to worry about homework and school days and snow days.
It can wait, so my baby bug can be a baby just a little bit longer.
Nothing like a mom holding a child back from growing up.
What can i say? I'm codependent!

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