Friday, March 13, 2009

Battle of the Boys

We have no officially entered sibling rivalry.
And its over the strangest thing.
Yep. My boys are fighting over whose going to school.
They are, undoubtedly, freaks of nature.
We enrolled Bug and now Boo wants to go.
We're trying to enroll Boo and Bug says Boo can't go.
In fact, today, Boo told his big brother to, "Quit bossing him!" and announced he was going to school. (Crossing all crossables it works out because I don't want to be around if it doesn't!)
Whereas Bug responded with, "School is just for me, because I'm a big boy!"
And that little barb resulted in screams and hits and much fun for Daddy.
I was at work, thankfully.
So my wee little heathens are locked in battle over school days.
Although neither of them really knows what that means!

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