Friday, March 13, 2009

Poop Parade!

Okay, I got a frantic phone call from The Man this morning.

TM: Bug has a poop stuck--what do I do?
Me: Put him in the bathtub to relax him. I'm almost done with break and can't talk!

Fast forward to lunch (mom e-mailed me and let me know Bug was fine)

TM: Bug just starts screaming that he has a poop stuck and can't get it out. He yelled for me to get it out, and I told him I couldn't. I lift him up and see it, but he's telling me it hurts. So I put him in the tub, and Bug tells me, "Daddy, I don't need a bath--I need to poop. This isn't working. Put me on the toilet--oh it hurts!" So I tell him he's just gonna have to man up. It's gonna hurt, but he's got to get it out. then I watch him go red faced, grabbed the toilet rim in a death grip, and even curling his toes like the witch in Wizard of Oz. And then he screams bloody murder, then relaxes, announcing, "My ass hurts."

He gets on the phone with me and tells me he had to poop, that he cried and cried, and he finally pooped his ass off.

I was laughing so hard tears were rolling down my cheeks when The Man told me this.

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