Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mini Van Moments

One of my Fave bloggers, http://motherhooduncensored.typepad.com/ declared that she would not surrender to the lure of mini vans.
I, however, am not that strong.
I have an SUV and a minivan. And three kids, in case you were in a coma and missed my miraculous births.
I can't imagine putting all three kids, long term, in the back of my SUV, so I am a minivan whore. I find myself salivating over roomy seats and DVD players and captains chairs and ROOM!
I weep in delight at sliding doors and the fact that, unless my kids are screaming, I can't hear them all the way in the back seat.
And I have space for a friend, if any of my friends were silly enough to get into a car with me and three kids.
I love my mini van. I've even tried to convince The Man to trade in the SUV and get a second minivan.
I'll get my way. I have my ways of bringing him around, which resulted in child one, two, and three.
Just slap a bumper sticker on my ass that says mini van whore and move on.

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