Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Planning and preparation

For me, my children's birthdays are military excursions.
I plan for over a month to get the right gift, the right cake, the right theme, to send out invites and get thank you cards.
I occasionally let The Man help.
He's the one man decoration crew.
He blows a mean balloon.
My kids birthdays are exhausting for me, and, hopefully, memorable for them.
Boo will be three in just a few short weeks.
I am in full planning mode.
I have schematics, battle plans, and tactical diversions that was make any four star general proud.
On D-Day, I will be barking orders and watching my minions scurry.
And I will be watching The Man for signs that his old man's heart can't handle that balloon he's wheezing into.
All so Boo can eat cake, open gifts, and gloat.
Just call it Operation Buddha Bash.
In the end, I will be collapsed on the couch, debating the wisest course of action: Grab the heathens, torch the house and run? Or watch The Man clean it up?
And I will vow never to do it again.
This year though, I have a new terror.
During my six month lull between birthdays, i have to gear myself up to a new variety of military endeavour.
Classroom birthday parties.
Yep. Bug will be having his birthday shortly after the school year starts, so i will have to deal with that.
By throwing The Man, loaded down with store bough cupcakes, into a room of sugar mad four-year-olds and watching him try to survive.
We'll be starting a new birthday tradition.
And a new way for us to shed blood as a family.
Ah, the memories.

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