Monday, March 24, 2008

When do the "terribles" end?

Before I had children, everyone told me about the terrible two's.
No one warned me about the terrible three's, fours, and so on.
When does it end?
Bug is three and one half. Boo is just turning two. We're smack in the middle of hell with no end in sight, because we have wee little Punk bringing up the rear.
It seems like the terribles are a well kept secret that only the "in" moms know about ahead of time.
The rest of us just stumble into the secret when its too late to back out.
By the time we're discovering it, it's too darned late.
And then we're screwed.
And stuck with angry children who are trying to take over the world.
One dirty diaper at a time.


Anonymous said...

I loved reading your blog. Your very funny.
I'm a new mom , a toddler and a 2month old, so I lol'd @ some of the things your wrote.
You dont mind if I quote you in my blog , do you?

Anonymous said...

Quote away. What's your blog?

And thanks!