Friday, March 21, 2008

The real face of motherhood

J. Lo had her babies.
Congrats to her.
Really. She should be congratulated on becoming a mom.
Then she should be kicked in the butt for putting pictures like this out there.,,20185328,00.html
That is most definitely not the real face of motherhood.
This is the "I have an entourage of fifty people who get paid to wipe butts, change diapers, handle spit up, and keep me coiffed and beautiful and glowing so, yes, motherhood is a wonderful, peaceful, serene experience" crap that new moms are confronted with and felled by.
No wonder we have such a load of mama guilt.
Its the media's fault.
Show the truth. Show what celebrity moms look like at 3am, complete with leaking breasts, baby poo in their hair, no make up and no one to help besides and equally frustrated husband. Or worse yet, a husband to turns over and goes back to sleep.
Show the mama whose yelling at their newborn to shut up because they are so tired they can't do anything else. Then show the tears that immediately follow.
Show the reality of motherhood so the rest of us know we're not alone.
I don't want it Spackled and prettied up. Motherhood is ugly. It's an in the trenches battle most days to get a shower and get dressed. It's a life of dodging baby spit up, exploding diapers, tears, heartache, and arguments. Its a lifetime of proud moments and broken hearts and every emotion in between.
Give me a realistic view of motherhood in the media.
Let me know I'm not alone.
Please don't let me be alone.

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