Thursday, March 13, 2008

Boys vs. girls

Parenting a girl is a lot different than being a mother to my two boys.
There's the obvious differences in anatomy to consider. The boys spray like faucets, and Punk has only projectile pooped on me once. Of course, it was on my arm, shirt, and hair, but still, my husband has been hosed by the boys on several occassions.
There's the clothing difference. Jeans and a t-shirt and boys are set. But everyone expects little girls to be dressed to the baby nines. Minus the high heels because I just can't find a pair that small.
Then there's the hair. Boys=buzz at our house. But Punk's hair needs that extra something, barrettes, ribbons, a tiara.
But the biggest different is just that she's, well, she's different. My boys seemed so much more vibrant and energetic, while she seems more subdued and watchful. She's even trying her infant baby wiles on her father, testing out the smiles and squeals that will one day break hearts, I'm sure.
Before Punk, I wondered how different a girl could be.
Okay, I panicked about how different a girl could be.
Now I know that the differences are real and not just skin deep and slathered in cosmetics.
They are real, and frightening, and we haven't even reached puberty yet.
Oh boy! Er, girl?

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