Friday, March 21, 2008

The pregnant man--sort of
I don't know what to think about this story.
I mean, he has the parts of a man on the outside, but he's retained his . . . her ovaries and uterus.
And now he . . . she's pregnant?
A new life is always something worth celebrating, and I do not begrudge anyone the opportunity to be a parent, but this just seems odd.
Okay, to start, the whole transgender thing perplexes me. If you want to live as a man, get rid of your female parts. And you want to be a woman, get rid of the male anatomy.
Don't keep both sexes. That makes you both male and female and surely must lead to problems.
This man has a uterus, but no external female genitalia. How can they perform yearly pap smears to insure no cancer has taken root? Does he . . . she (oh this is confusing!) see a gyno? Have a prostrate exam? Both?
Can you call a "have your cake and eat it too" kind of transgender person either sex? Or are they that strange mixture, a hermaphrodite?
And they expected the medical community not to have some qualms, some reservations about what they were doing? Whether right or wrong, doctors are only human. And tackling something this unusual and potentially dangerous is not something many doctors would feel comfortable doing.
And what about adoption? What about the millions of parent less children looking for a loving home?
I have the sinking suspicion that, although they did want a child, they wanted the publicity more.

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