Monday, March 10, 2008

Amazing what 8 full hours can do for a girl

Punk slept.
And I don't mean the "three hour then I'm hungry" kind of sleep.
I mean the hard core eight hour stretch kind of sleep.
At 2 1/2 months old.
Much sooner than her brothers. She's a prodegy, that girl of mine!
So I almost feel human, and I definitely feel hopeful that we're starting a new sleep habit that involves actually sleeping.
I realized that each of my children's newborn stages would have made great torture periods for anyone wanting any info. For the promise of any uninterrupted sleep, I would have told them secrets. (Never mind that I don't have any!)
I would not have made a good soldier because I can't survive without my eight hours of shut eye. And that's just the time I need since becoming a mom. Before I needed 10-12 hours of uninterrupted bliss. I can function on less, but, believe me, its not a pretty picture.
So here's to Punk! May the long reign of sleep filled night continue!

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