Thursday, March 27, 2008

It should have been fun

I haven't bought any clothes for myself (aside from work scrubs) for years. Seriously. I know, I should be drummed out of the female portion of our race.
The last outfit I know I bought was maternity wear, and, although I could still wear it (pulled up to my armpits and lashed with a belt), I think it would be tacky.
I did the frantic dash the night before my job interview, but I don't count that as shopping. That was covering my ass. Literally and figuratively.
So today, I shopped.
It depressed me.
Not only am I still carrying enough padding that, at times, I still feel pregnant, but I'm having to dress like a professional -- a grown up.
For the past six years, my wardrobe has been scrubs. Scrubs. And more scrubs. Easy to match, comfy to wear, and cheap. I probably have a good thirty or more pair.
Not gonna do me much good in the office.
So I bought slacks and tops, a new purse and four pairs of really cute heels.
You can tell I'm excited about the heels.
If I could have pulled off heels and scrubs, I would have been a happy woman.
And I felt guilty. Do you know how much I could have bought for my husband and kids with the money I spent today?
And it's only the beginning.
I won't be able to survive on 7 or more outfits for long, even mixing and matching, which means more shopping.
It should have been decadent and fun.
Go ahead, ladies, start drumming. I'll take my walk of shame . . . in really cute heels.

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