Wednesday, April 29, 2009


On the blog sphere, we bloggers read other blogs, empathize and sympathize with other bloggers, and have created an online community that supports us from across the keyboard.
One of my fave blogs in the whole world,
got my attention by her witty repartee (see? big word) and her sorrow over her beloved Bug's passing. And the talk about being bendy and nip rings didn't hurt either. (Hey! I was preggers and abstinent at the time. Someone had to enjoy mattress mamboing when I couldn't!)
I held my babies closer (when they weren't smelling of poop and boy funk) and wondered if I would be as strong if it was me.
This month, I found two other blogs, one from my home state, that touched me the same way.
and have hit me where it hurts--in the mommy place. (No, not that place!)
I cannot fathom losing a child. I hope I never have to understand the pain these women are enduring. I wonder if i would be able to get out of bed and put one foot in front of the other, or whether I would finally have my date with that tree I've been threatening to drive into for years.
They are amazing and awe inspiring and humbling.
And I am sorry they have to live through this.
And I know, in my hearts, that their babies are happy and at peace.

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Amanda said...

I was reading the Spohr's blog just last week and it was just heartbreaking.. I too am thinking and praying for that family.