Tuesday, April 7, 2009

House of phlegm and snot

My daughter and I are sick.
We're finally on the road to recovery, but its a long ass road and we're both a-dragging.
Started last week with Punk getting goopy eyes. Her face was puffy, so I start thinking sinuses. So we begin treating. She's been fussy and restless, not sleepy and irritable, but no evidence of infection.
Thursday, I began running a fever. Took whet i had with me--3 pamprin--it was that or baby teething tabs--and suffered. By that night, i had full on body aches, sore throat, and sinus headache.
I didn't go to work Friday.
I have been popping NyQuil like candy, shoving the Netti pot up my nose half a dozen times a day, and Vick's on everyone in sight. The Chihuahua didn't appreciate it, but I was half awake and half drugged and, for the record, he does not have a snotty nose.
I am upright, bitchy, and not feeling much better.
Add to that The Man went to the dentist today and is walking around talking through a mouthful of gauze, and I'm real peach to be around.
I am tired of being sick. I am tired of sick kids. I want to put my house in a bubble until spring finally arrives and we can just move on without fear of what contagion lays in wait to ambush us.

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