Wednesday, April 22, 2009


This last week, I entered the world of parents buying diapers and wipes for one child.
Boo finished potty training.
He conquered the dread overnight dry period.
And he did it before I was ready.
It was quite by accident. I forgot. He fell asleep. And I didn't take him out of undies and put him into pull ups. Figured I'd deal with the ensuing mess in the morning.
And he woke when he needed to potty, did his business, and went back to bed.
Easy smeasy.
He has taken to potty training like a fish to water. Or a fish making water, whatever analogy works!
He has astounded the Man and I with his easy success when his stubborn big brother took a year and a half to train.
My pocketbook is weeping in gratitude at having to only cover one hiney in diaper byproducts.
My heart is sad to watch my baby boy race towards the next milestone, running like Charlie Chaplin on crack.
Boo is leaving me behind, holding the memory of my blue eyed baby, while I watch my blue eyed boy conquer his small little world.
I am so proud. And I am not ready.
But he is.
Which means, in parenting lingo, "It doesn't matter if you're ready, Mom. Get your shit together and your ass in gear and try not to choke on my dust."
Ah! How sweet!

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