Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Read

I've found a new set of books to enjoy and obsess over.
They are fun, easy reads, which I need right now.
There is an HBO series, which I'm sure is very good, based upon it.
I won't pay for HBO, so I'm having to assume.
Last time I paid for HBO Samantha was boffing every man in the Big Apple, if you know what I mean.
This series helps while away the time spent watching Noggin with my kids without requiring me to completely submerge myself. It's like Whipped Cream instead of the cream in Tiramisu.
(I really want Tiramisu)
I have degrees of books that I read.

First Degree: Fun. Fluffy. Light reading. Compare them to a parfait.
Second Degree: Edgy. Interesting. A tad dirty. Comparison: Chocolate Lava Cake.
Third Degree: Timeless. Classic. Favorites. Comparison: Cheesecake.
Fourth Degree: Encompassing. Rapturous. Orgasmic. Comparison: Tiramisu.

I find its easier on my waistline to compare books to desserts. I can inhale books and not gain a pound. Whereas desserts sit on me like a bag of lard on my ass. Sad, but true.
What do you enjoy reading?

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