Friday, April 10, 2009

Eggs, candy, and all that jazz

Come Sunday morning, my kids will wake to find a chocolate crazed bunny has invaded our home, left baskets, and speed hopped to the next kid on his list.
They will go to grandma's house and find a bevy of colorful plastic eggs filled with candy yummies just waiting to be hunted.
They will have colored their Sponge bob eggs to take to grandmas for consumption.
And The Mn will be running around on a sugar high right with them while I try to convince Punk to wear her pretty hat for one minute so I can snap a picture.
Its strange how your holidays morph once you have children.
Its strange to think five years ago I had never worried about the Easter bunny making a visit.
And now I prep and slave and worry for five minutes of pleasure in the morning and worn out kids that night.
Happy Easter.
May your family be blessed with a year of joy and light and love. And may the Divine, whoever that is for you, bless and keep you.
Blessed be.

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