Thursday, April 23, 2009

The great divide

We are a house divided.
Oh, not by politics, religion, or sports.
We are a house divided by which child belongs to whom.
Ask Bug, and he only loves Daddy.
Ask Boo, and he's all about the Mommy.
Ask Punk, and she flips us the baby bird.
It's been a running joke to ask our boys, "Are you Daddy's boy or Mommy's boy?"
And they are constant in their answers.
Today, The Man asked Boo if he loved his Daddy. Boo, being an honest and forthright child who loves to torture his father (that's my boy!) replied, "No, I only love Mommy."
Lest you think The Man is destitute and loveless, ask Bug the same questions, and he'll say he only loved Daddy.
We're both holding firm to our boy, and we're both eying the girl to sway her to our side. Right now, all the power in our household rests in her chubby little hands.
And she knows it.
Which is why she won't choose sides.
She's playing both sides--wisely so.
So we'll ask her a dozen or more times a day, "Are you Daddy's girl or Mommy's girl?"
And we'll lie to the other parent about the answer.

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Tara said...

Reading this has made me realize that an only child may not be a good idea. He doesn't have to just deal with are you Mommy's Boy or Daddy's Boy, he has to deal with are you a Red Sox fan or a Yankees fan? A Pats fan or a Redskins fan? Are you a Republican or a Democrat? We may be in a recession but he is going to make some Psychiatrist-in-training incredibly wealthy one day.