Thursday, April 9, 2009

Breaking the habit

Boo is a thumb sucker.
He has been since birth.
I don't have too much of a problem with it.
But I know my ped is gearing up to argue me into making Boo stop.
I've read the articles. I know about dental issues, speech problems, etc.
I don't care.
I sucked my thumb as a child and stopped.
At least I think I did.
Boo will stop as school and friends and age take over.
With all our family has endured this past year, taking away a comfort measure isn't something I am prepared to do.
If it was a paci, okay. I can take away a piece of plastic.
I can't take away his thumb.
So I can either wait it out, knowing it will end, or adjusting to the fact when he graduates from Harvard his thumb will be in his mouth moments before he gives his valedictory address.
Or I can fight him and make it something bad and make us all miserable.
I think I'll wait.
And I think, as he ages, he'll stop on his own.
I may be paying for braces later as a result, but my child will have his comfort for a bit longer.

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