Friday, April 3, 2009

Scan me! $3 off!

I have become a coupon whore.
Time and tides have forced me to bargain shop for food to feed my demanding, hungry brood.
I scour teh papers, magazines, and the internet for deals. I salivate at coupons more than $1 off.
I drive to different stores lookign for the best deal.
As I stood in Reasors with my wad of coupons, people gave me a wide birth.
I brag to The Man about how much I saved (today I got ten percent more groceries for free!) I frequent websites like:
Admittedly, it has savedme money of things like diapers. The Huggies $5 off coupons I found tehre resulted in 600+ diapers purchased to covered my Punk princess' butt.
I have gotten toothpaste for 25 cents.
And entrees for free.
And I'm hooked. It's a drug. I can't seem to stop myself.
I get a happy moment every time I see teh before and after prices.
I think I'm in love with teh coupon scanner.

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