Wednesday, July 16, 2008

You know someone's out to get you

When all three kids have summer colds and the baby is teething.
When your middle child has developed a taste for human flesh and occassionally nibbles on his brother.
The baby is happy and laughing until you walk through the door and then becomes the amazing velcro child--stuck to me all night.
The chihuahua waits until you just get the baby to sleep, crawl into bed and shut your eyes to have a seizure and pee everywhere.
You wake up in a panic realizing its raining outside and you've left the car windows cracked.
A cat decides the only place he can sleep is right up against your face. And then he must groom himself before he rests.
Your son wanders in to tell you its time to wake up.
The alarm goes off.
And it all repeats the next night.
I think someone's out to get me.
I'm waving the white flag. I surrender!

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