Monday, July 14, 2008

Literary Love

If there is something I love more than my husband (sorry Stubby!) and almost as much as I love my kids, its a good book.

I will happily wile away the hours immersed in a book, getting up only for snacks, drinks, and necessary trips. I am even such a nerd I keep books in my car to read at any variety of stops, such as waiting at the Sonic for my morning beverage (a Route 44 Vanilla Coke--yum!).

Books are a deep seated love affair in my family. We are all avid readers. I hope to pass this particular OCD behavior on to my kids, and Bug is certainly showing the early signs.

I am also a loyal reader. If I loved one of your books, I will probably buy the rest of everything you've ever written.

At any given time, I have a hoard of 600+ books in our hours, and a few times a year, I take them to a used books store for credit. Which I use to buy new books.

Its a vicious cycle.

A few of my fave authors are:

So check out some new authors and maybe get a few new favorites, or tell me about your own faves so I can go shopping!

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Anonymous said...

Can totally relate, I'm SUCH a book nut. during rush-hour, at a stop light, drive-through waits, etc. I grab a quick fix. Unfortunately my oldest heathen (12) did NOT pick up on this gene, which begs me to question if she really is mine. Ok 3 days of induced labor, I do remember she's mine. My latest DS (6 mos) still chooses to eat the books, but at least he's picking them up! Do you read JD Robb, or just Nora? Another fave is Janet Evanovich numbered series (one for the money, etc.) they are LOL funny! you'll embarass yourself by laughing in public, truely. I love discovering authors who have an entire series I haven't read yet: Christine Feehan has several series: Carpathians ("dark" series) has 19 books; Drake sisters has 6 (you'll really like them, especially if you're Pagan as I'm guessing); and GhostWalker has 7 in the series so far. I plan to look up your authors on Wikipedia (fave website other than yours of course!) Scoobysurfin/Thia