Monday, July 14, 2008

Toilet Training Triumph

Bug did it! (He did it! Hooray! Definitely too much Dora.)

He's officially potty trained.

In undies every day.

Pull ups at night, just in case.

He "drains his lizard" (Snicker--it works!) as needed and hasn't had one accident thus far in his pants. It's been close a few time, with Stubby and I frantically running him to the bathroom. Or one time, his daddy letting Bug's bare white butt glow in the dark while he peed outside on the Fourth of July. (The boy, not the man. Just to clarify, Stubby's posterior is pale, but fuzzy.)

So today we celebrate the passing on the torch as Bug joins the world of big people, knowing that his diaper days are long gone. Until he's old and has to move into Depends, that is!

Yea Bug!

Way to pee!

1 comment:

Tara said...

Way to go Bug! Love the Depends comment. Thanks for reminding me that no sooner will I get my kid(s) out of diapers, I'll be getting ready to buy them for me. lol