Wednesday, July 16, 2008

When words all on deaf ears

My husband (whose nickname for this post I will not type for fear my own mother will come through the keyboard and wash my mouth out with soap) has evidently fallen deaf.

No he's not deaf in the normal "I'm you husband and I'm just ignoring you" kind of deaf.

He's afflicted with the much worse kind, the "no matter what you say I know what you actually said" kind. I actually think its a variety of deafness with a subset in dementia.

I have pointedly told him things only to find him doing exactly what I asked him not to. And then arguing with me about why he did it and how I said it was okay.

Um, hello! Anyone at home in there?

I will point blank tell him we can't afford to do something only to find that he's made an appointment after our conversation to do just that thing.

So he's either got a death wish or is insane. He'd better plead insanity and at least hope for a lighter sentence.

Am I the only one suffering with this? Please tell me there's a medication or a support group or something!


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