Sunday, July 27, 2008

The formula equation

Obviously, I've not raised any formula fed kids.
I'm not opposed to formula for everyone else's kids. Just not mine.
My boys both had exactly two days worth of formula when they were newborns, since my milk takes over five days to come in.
But, aside from those little blips, my kids have had only breast milk until they reached one year of age, and then they went to cow's milk.
But, even as devoted as I am to breastfeeding, those coupons and free samples are very tempting.
In the middle of the night, when your baby won't eat and won't sleep, they look like salvation in a bottle.
And I think formula companies plan it that way.
It's a slippery slope that, once started, can snowball into a formula only child.
I personally find it strange that hospitals give out a breastfeeding only bag with formula samples.
9just an FYI, the formula only stays in my house until my milk comes in and then I either donate it or ship it off. I do the same with the coupons I get in the mail.)
these samples are taking advantage of the weakest point in any parents life, making it an easy alternative, even though its not what they may want to do.
Formula feed for breastfeed--it's a personal choice and, even though I am pro breast for myself and mine, I'm not pretending to know what's best for anyone else.
But I do think it's a rather sly way for formula companies to enter a home and, perhaps, stay for the duration of that babies early life.

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Adorable Girlfriend said...

Hi -- over from Boomertowne!

I just covered a breast feeding post on my blog a few days ago and agree with you.