Sunday, July 13, 2008

Burning question

Okay, I may burn in hell.
I'll just state that fact up front.
It's a possibility, I guess, but I'm at peace with my own spirituality. (And if I believed in hell, I might be a little more fearful.)
But some of this organized religion shit really ticks me off. It makes me irritable when I'm sitting through a sermon and I hear about "tithing."
I feel like I'm watching a snake oil salesman, or a politician, try to ply his trade for money, taking the unsuspecting rubes for coin.
The minister today actually said that tithing opens a window to heaven, and the more you give, the more opportunity you have in heaven.
Translation? For enough money, you can buy your way into the afterlife.
I may be a little rusty on my history, but I seem to remember a time, oh, about four hundred years ago, when priests took bribes to pray for rich people to enter heaven.
Tithing today doesn't strike me as very different.
The sections of the Bible that mention tithing have always seemed as though greedy person added them to make sure the church had a source of income.
If you believe and choose to give, fine. That's your choice. I have a hard time believing any source of Divine power cares how much we give to a church, if any at all.
I think the Divine is more concerned with how we live our life.
Are you a good person?
Are you honest?
Do you put others before yourself?
I'm not talking about the Ten Commandments here, just basic human decency.
I, for one, refuse to line the pockets of any religious organization. I think the Big Guy/Gal will understand if I choose to feed my kids and pay my bills and not to donate ten percent (or whatever number it is) of my salary to line the pockets of the church.
I will tithe the way I always have. I will drop change in the Salvation Army bin, donate to veterans associations, hand someone in the grocery line change when needed. I will be polite and grateful and respectful. And I will teach my children to give of themselves, not to just give their money.
I may be the only person who finds tithing an abhorrent practice, and that's fine. My rights end where your nose begins, but it does just seem rather political and unsavory for an organization dedicated to the maintenance and elevation of the human soul.
Maybe its just me.


russkellyphd said...

Do not dispair. There are thousands who agree with you and against tithing as seen in most churches.

To see the other side of the argument go to my site at It began as a PHD dissertation. May God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Not just you, totally agree! Miss you on the Jan SD board. Love reading your blog! Scoobysurfin/Thia

Molly :o) said...

Well said, I'm sitting right there beside you. We're not alone but certainly in the minority it seems. Thanks for checking in on the March MB board :o)