Monday, July 14, 2008

Pint Sized Ghost Whisperer

My oldest boy could give Melinda Warren a run for her money. (Ghost Whisperer on CBS--one of my fave shows, BTW!)

Stubby and I noticed when he was very young, he seemed to see things that we didn't. No biggee, kids are a little wonky anyway, so he'll grow out of it.

(We live in my grandparents old house, just so you've got the full picture here.)

As a baby, we would walk into the room and find him staring raptly at one corner, giggling, smiling and pointing.

Nothing was there.

As a toddler, same activity, same corner.

Still nothing there.

As a preschooler, he can now tell us. Stubby has witnessed him jabbering away to something, dragging his younger brother over to introduce him, and pointing out Punk.

He tells us its my daddy, his peepaw, and my grandparents. He's even pointed out pictures of my grandparents (he never met grandpa and grandma died when he was 1 1/2) and tells us that they live in the stars with peepaw. He also says they come down and tell him stories and that they love him.

I admit that it could just be an overactive imagination, but it could also be that my super bright boy is seeing family members we have loved and lost. I truly believe that if we are love passionately and wholly by someone in life, they would come back in death just to check in.

Stubby and I see no harm in it, as long as Bug isn't developing any problems with it.

What do you think? Do you believe in ghosts? Do you think children are just more attuned?

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Anonymous said...

Whoa, definately cool. There doesn't seem to be any harm, and he seems to enjoy it. His grandparents were loving people and seem to be reaching out to their grandchild -- how awesome is that?!! Kids are definately more receptive and have such wonderful imaginations (if that's what he's doing). I tend to believe in the power of love and ghosts.