Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The tea in China

With the price of tea in China, and here, and everywhere else, how am I, an enterprising young mother with a smokin'' hot bod (okay, a little fantasy, because in real life I'm an exhausted older mom with a so-so bod!) supposed to afford to bring home the bacon?
The price of groceries is ridiculous.
The only food that is affordable is the food you don't want to eat. It's the food you shouldn't eat. It's the food that you don't want your kids to eat.
I love fresh fruits, veggies, pastas, etc. My kids love them as well. (The Man is a meat and potatoes man, but I'm slowly but surely bringing him around.)
But with the fact that the dollar is stretched as far as it can, knowing I'm squeezing the penny for everything its worth, how are we, middle income Americans, supposed to survive?
Obviously, we're not rich. (I have three kids and a husband--do you really think I have any money left?)
But we're not poor either.
We're in the unfortunate middle. We make too much money to qualify for any aid, but too little to be comfortable.
We're squooshed from all sides.
So how is the middle class supposed to survive when the economic future is so bleak?

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Amelia Sprout said...

Farmer's market. Much cheaper if you have access to it. And you help out another mum who's dealing with skyrocketing prices.