Thursday, July 10, 2008


Have you ever really thought about about how much you rely on your friends?
I admit, I lean heavily on my family. Stubby and I have been rather dependent lately and we're hugely grateful to my mother and his brother and sister in law for everything. We'd have been SOL without them this past month.
But I'm talking about your friends.
My best friend lives in Arizona. We e-mail almost every day, talk as often as we can. She is truly my souls sister and is there for me when I'm spinning around in circles but can't seem to just fall down. Occasionally, after one too many glasses of wine, she falls down with me.
But there is this other group of wacky, wild women I converse with more than I do my husband, and I've never met them in real life. But I know their hubbies names, where they are, their kids names, and details of life that I might blush to hear in real life. (Okay, maybe not, but I would certainly have popcorn!)
I just find it amazing that, without ever meeting, I can have some of the dearest, nuttiest, most loyal people in the world ready to drive down here to kick the can of the guy who injured my man.
Friends come in the strangest ways, and, lucky for me, I like strange.
Thanks ladies. All of you.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I found your blog through Jan 08 SD on ivillage, but dont see you there anymore...and a bunch of others as well.
Where'd you'all go?

Anonymous said...

We created another board due to issues with the SD board--you can e-mail me through my profile!