Thursday, July 24, 2008

The invisible cord

When your baby is sick, be he 2 or twenty, a mother should be able to be with him.
Boo's sick. Running a nice temperature, and I'm at work, turning over the parenting duties to Nurse Cratchett (the Man's nickname for the day).
Punk's also running a low grade fever.
I should be there.
I should be the one pushing fluids, taking temps, giving Tylenol. I know they are in good hands, but those hands are not my own, so its not the same. It's not all right.
If I was there, I would know with every fiber of my being they were all right.
The umbilical cord, although invisible, allows me that knowledge, that if I am there, no matter what, they will be fine.
I will breathe for them if needed. I will push the blood through their veins with just the strength of my will. I will fight the infection with ever thing I am.
It might just be a small viral infection, but to me, its unfathomable that I am not with my children right now.
Because if I am there, just like when I carried them in my body, I know they are safe, whole, and fine.

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