Thursday, July 16, 2009

Those things we do

As a parent, we do a lot of things we'd never have thought we'd do in life.
Wiping runny bottoms, holding sweaty heads while our child heaves dinner into the toilet, chasing a naked poo covered child through the house, sewing a beloved bear, and giving up all our pillows and bed space to a three foot bed hog, just to name a few, are things I never thought I would do.
I also never thought I would have crabs.
No, not the crabs that involve the joke about shaving, lighter fluid, and an ice pick.
Hermit crabs.
We have three, auspiciously named Spongebob, Mr Krabs, and Squidward.
We have had Spongebob for almost six months now, and we have a previous Mr. Krabs that turned up shell after a few weeks. He was a wimp and not suitable for our house.
The Man and I kept his shell and rotated it in the cage so boo would never know his crab went to the great sandbox in the sky.
So yesterday, I went on a foray for crab goodies--food, substrate (bedding to us okies, or dirt!), shells (cause they change shells every time we turn around!) and such.
The Man put together a crab-itat worthy of three hermit crabs. It also met with the heathens precise requirements.
The end result provided lots of squeals of delight as the boys ran around the crab-itat as the boys detailed every action undertaken by our hermity friends.
I never thought I would have any crabs in my home that weren't served with butter.
But I have to admit, they are kind of cute.
In a creepy sort of way.

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Tara said...

I was expecting a worm farm from the boys.