Wednesday, July 1, 2009


The end is in sight. Today should be The Man's last appointment with his surgeon.
Dr. C is a very nice man to whom I am eternally grateful, but if he doesn't release The Man today, I'm gonna be on his doorstep and pretty damned pissed.
So our attorney's office is gearing up to earn their keep. They are putting on their brass knuckles and ball busting shoes and preparing to make us--and them--some money. When I see the maniacal glint in our attorney's eyes, I am very happy--very afraid, but happy.
After more than a year of pain, suffering, tears, headaches, and heartaches, we are hopefully going to be receiving our just desserts.
In my case, hopefully paid bills and a new computer. A laptop--pretty and shiny and just for me. I will love it, and snuggle it, and call it George and keep it with me until its memory begins to fail and its hard drive sags--at which time, I replace it with a new, younger model.
Anyway. Lest I digress.
So we're heading into the territory of court dates and big checks and payola.
And I'm rubbing my greedy little hands together, praying the Universe is fair and just and takes the bastards for everything they have.
In a fair and equitable way.
That's it.
That's all I want.
And a couple of pairs of balls for my rear view window. But I'll be fetching those myself.

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Tara said...

LOL. Here's to Karma teaching someone that to cause an accident that maims and then proceed to cover-up and lie about the chain of events is not a very nice thing to do. Actions have consequences. Let the consequences commence.