Thursday, July 30, 2009


Absolutely nothing is occurring in our Workman's comp case.
Oh yeah, we have a pre trial date to see if we are even ready for a trial, and that's a month from now.
Then they'll set a trial date, which some helpful clerk at the court office told me would take quite a while.
So nothing is happening.
Except we're waiting.
We were told a court date within four to six weeks was normal.
We get two months for a pre trial date.
Then we have to wait for a court date.
Because, for some reason, this is the way the Universe works for us.
Everyone else can get in and done in a timely fashion.
Not us.
Our attorney was making a settlement offer before she left for vacation last week.
We've still heard nothing.
The Man is living with daily pain. And we're either going to have to foot the cost of treatment ourselves or wait since the company doesn't have to pay on anything until the court decrees--because we don't have a fracking court date yet!
We can't move on to any forming of retraining for a new job--because we don't have a fracking court date yet!
We can't get closure because . .
We don't have a fracking court date yet!
So we're stuck, all because . . . well you get it.
It's like being stuck on a ride that makes you puke up your guts and you can't get off.
It's like being eternally nine months pregnant with a a nine pounds baby.
It's like having a cavity drilled and the Novocaine doesn't entirely work.
It sucks. And there's nothing we can do about it.
Which sucks even more.

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