Friday, July 31, 2009


in less than one month my oldest will begin his auspicious academic career.
I'm planning on being on a first name basis with the principal within the first week.
Right now, I don't know if child two will be joining him, in which case, I might as well camp out in the principals office.
I am in awe of how far my oldest child has come since he was driving me batty in utero.
Before, I couldn't imagine him not being home with one of us everyday.
I couldn't imagine turning him over into the keeping of strangers.
I couldn't imagine letting go.
And, in less than one month, as they pry my clutching fingers off of him, I will let go.
I'm sure there will be tears--mine, not his--and excitement--both of ours--as I leave him in the care of his teacher and hope for the best.
And I know I will spend the day worrying. Is he having fun? Is he behaving? is he safe?
Because when I'm not with him, that's what i do.
And then I worry about all the little people he's with and hope they are surviving him.
Time has moved so fast. Only yesterday i was laughing at him trying to roll over or walk or talk. Only yesterday I could carry him in my arms without feeling my sockets stretch under his weight.
Only yesterday, he was my baby and I was his world.
As he is still mine.


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