Tuesday, July 7, 2009


After an auspicious start, I've fallen off the potty training wagon.
No, not me personally. I am very well trained and still in control of my faculties thanks to religious Kegeling. (Come on, girls! Tighten those muscles! Flex it! Release it! your man will appreciate the effort! And think how hot you'll be when the other grannies are in diapers and your sporting your granny panties!)
Nope, I've slacked teaching Punk to pee pee in the potty.
The best time for her is the time when I'm dressed for work and don't feel like teaching her while clad in professional attire.
She gets distracted by my heels, especially open toed ones.
So I've let it slide, and now I'm thinking I need to hop back on the loo and get to work on it.
Especially when I'm in line buying diapers.
And I start to think how much money I've spent on things designed to catch pee and hold shit.
What a waste of money I could have used elsewhere.
So I am rededicating Punk's potty with a sippie of milk and renewed determination to have her potty trained before that aneurysm I've been threatening The Man with bursts and I drop dead, probably in the bathroom and in the most embarrassing position ever.
Ass up to the world.

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