Friday, July 10, 2009


While I think my heathens are some pretty fine looking kiddo's, I don't dwell on their appearance.
Well . . .
I do occasionally measure their noses while asleep to make sure they aren't getting their Daddy's nose behind my back. The Man started out with a cute button nose, too.
But I don't' dwell on if my kids are better looking than other peoples. And overnight it went from cute to WOWZER!
Anyway, my kids.
I mean, they just are damned nice looking, so why dwell on it, right?
Seriously. I'm almost oblivious.
As a mother, I occasionally get glimpses of what lovely children I really have.
In the shape and color of my Boo boys blue eyes.
In the way Bug moves his hands or looks when he's thinking about something.
Or the smile on my baby girl's face.
We are raising our children to be minds first and bodies second, because we know that physical attributes are fleeting and unimportant.
But sometimes I see them how others must see them.
When they are clean and dressed and not crying or screaming, that is.
And I am proud that they are pretty children.
I'm just petty and shallow enough to admit that.
And then to hand them a book to read or start drilling them with flashcards.
A mom has her priorities, and pretty doesn't a doctor make!

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