Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bed hopping

The Man discovered yesterday that our wee little midget baby Punk can climb out of her crib.
And she did it several times, in succession, just for him to see.
So it was time to turn our baby bed into a toddler bed and hope for the best.
Punk thought it was fantastic to have a "big girl bed" now. And she climbed in and out of it for several minutes while the Man and I watched all hopes of sleep dash again the rocks.
We knew we were in for a long night of chasing a rambunctious toddler enjoying her new found freedom.
We waited until her brothers were asleep so she would have no one to party with, and then brushed her teeth and put her in bed.
Then I stayed away. simply because every time she saw me, she threw a world class fit.
So i let her dad do battle.
"Punk, no, no. you have to stay in bed," he crooned in the most nauseatingly saccharine voice imaginable. Her shriek was enough answer. "Now sit down before you fall. No. No."
I channelled my inner bulimic to rid myself of the cloying sweetness.
After about fifteen minutes, there was silence.
I figured she was regrouping for the next attack, but The Man came to bed, smiling proudly and like he expected a reward, and announced she was asleep.
There was no reward, because, in my mind, it was just round one.
I expected to be up all night chasing a deranged spider monkey on crack as she toddled through the house defiantly. I expected battles and tears (mine) and bribes and pleading.
I expected to find her staring at me in the middle of the night when I rolled over. (Both boys love that game!)
I expected not to sleep at all.
And you know what happened?
She slept.
Like a champ.
And never got up once.
Meanwhile I tossed and turned, listening for her chubby footfalls in the hallway.
Evil little imp.
She's well rested and I'm a walking zombie.
I played right into her hand.
Damn it!

P.S. Punk got her toddler bed privileges revoked after an especially busy weekend of bed hopping. the Man saw his little girl flouncing from bed to bed and called it quits!

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Tara said...

are crates for children considered inhumane?