Monday, June 8, 2009

Saketine Sock It To Me

I am having to bid a sad farewell to my other Chihuahua, Saketini Sock it To Me, after four years of faithful companionship.
Saki has been a joyous, happy dog, loving my kids and myself with the abandon only found in mentally challenged rodent type dogs.
Saki was challenged from birth. A week after his arrival on this earth, his litter mate decided to maim him with a toenail to the eye, which became infected, and resulted in a malformed jaw and face. His was a face only a mother, canine and human, could love.
Saki's tongue always hung out to one side and he could only see you out of one eye.
Despite that, he was determined to be a happy little ankle biter.
He wrestled with my kids, bobbing and weaving to avoid being crushed.
He happily waited for my heathens to throw their dinners on the floor. Our dining room floor was always spotless thanks to him.
And he soothed my heart as I faced the end of my Tequila dog's life.
While pregnant with Punk, Saki began having seizures. They weren't often, nor severe.
Yesterday, he began seizing at 6pm, and despite multiple doses of anti seizure meds, continually seized throughout the night.
I held him and watched the light of awareness leave him this morning around 3m. That many seizures took too hard a toll on his five pound body. though his spirit was willing, he just didn't have the reserves left to fight.
This will be the first pet The Man has held while they passed. And I know Saki will find some comfort in having him there, and i know my rat dog will understand my absence.
I said my goodbye last night during a brief lucid period. He knows how cherished he was. And I know he will be at peace.
According to Bug, he will be joining Pee-paw, Tequila, and the zoo's polar bear in the stars. He'll have pretty good company, I'm sure.
Blessed be, Saki.

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Tequilamama said...

Well said baby, he was definitely a part of the family that will not be able to be replaced. Little guy you are loved and will be missed. The Man--- PS Bug wants you to tell Pee-paw, TQ and the polar bear hi and that he misses them.