Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mama Love

Punk has a righteous case of Mama Love.
In other words, I'm her Favorite pet.
She's going to love me, cuddle me, pet me and keep me. And I think she's named me George.
Punk doesn't want Daddy or Grandma or the drunk man walking down the street. She wants me. Obsessively.
She screams when I leave the room.
She cries when I'm not holding her.
She escapes her pen to waddle into the bathroom to share some quality mother-daughter time with me.
In the middle of the night, she won't go to her dad. She'll cry and fight and scurry back to my side of the bed.
She doesn't want her brothers touching me. She war cries them so effectively they leave a wet trail as they scurry away.
She is Punkin Butted Baby: Warrior Princess. See her armor plated diaper?
Truthfully, I'm a wee bit flattered. She is the first of the heathens not to roll me for their father. That drives The Man berseark, which is fun for me, but the whole "clinging to mommy like a crazed spider monkey" routine? Not so cute.
But I'm also tired and have a massive headache from being cuddled and yelled at and mauled and loved and snuggled quite so effectively.
I don't know how to break her of this strange dependence.
I don't know if I should.
What if it causes her to have anxiety issues and abandonment issue later on because MOMMY DIDN'T LOVE HER ENOUGH TO LET ME HEADBUTT HER 1800 TIMES IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT WHILE WE WATCHED "THE NANNY"!
Really. I worry about my kids therapy bills enough later on without having to add this into the mix.
I don't know what to do. Yeah, shocker I know. But I'm confused.
How do I change Miss codependent to Miss Independent without hard assing her right into a shrink's chair?

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Tara said...

She will be joining Little Man in paying for someone's vacation home on Nantucket or in the Hamptons. Is that reallly so bad? :)