Friday, June 5, 2009

Relay For Life

Tonight, my boys, The Man, and I will be participating in Relay for Life, the American Cancer Societies way of walking for cancer research.
I personally think its just a way to get me off my fat ass and moving.
But maybe that's just me.
My wonderful sister in law, henceforth known as Tantie Ta-ta, is a breast cancer survivor.
I've told the boys they are walking in honor of their aunt's knockers.
(She's cringing and speed dialing me as she reads this, ya know!)
Seriously though. Cancer is some scary shit. It doesn't discriminate. It can strike a newborn and an older person, a woman or a man, black, white, and every blessed spotted one of us in between. It can kill, maim, or make you violently ill.
It's a pervasive, ugly bastard of a disease and we need to wipe it out.
So find your local Relay for Life. Donate. Put on your walking shoes and walk with me, sweating like pig and swearing very step of the way. I haven't told my sister in law, but I promised a group of guys I met on the street if they would donate to them, she'd flash them every time she passes them.
I'm sure she'll take it for the team.
And I'm sure she'll find a way to involve me in the flashing.
Get out and do something!
And remember you might have an aunt whose knockers need your support.

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