Friday, June 12, 2009


Punk has become a nudist.
The diaper comes off at the drop of a hat, and The Man and I are left facing and chasing a naked baby around the house.
Or my personal favorite: go in to check on her during a nap or at night. She's butt up in the air and you've got an eyeful of oh my God!
I'm not a prude. My boys both love to be naked. After baths, Boo traditionally streaks through the house in a triumphant ode to free willy.
We've told the boy to be careful. He might put his eye out with that thing.
But there has to be a point where it ceases to be cute and its just becomes a problem.
Punk hit it this week when she grabbed a handful of poop and had a party.
I happened to be on the phone with The Man and he was puking a bit in his mouth while cleaning her up.
Better him than me.
Punk flashes in dresses, shirts, pants, skirts--you name it--she's gonna drop trou (think Janice Dickenson) and earn her some beads.
the Man is afraid for the future.
I'm thinking we could save a lot of money by having a child nudist colony.
But I'm sure there is law somewhere that prohibits it.
At least if we're caught.


Tara said...

ROFL and these things always happen on HIS watch. Tell the Man she will grow out of it, eventually, maybe.... she does have 2 older brothers.

mrsrstjr said...

LOL I'm not looking forward to this milestone!