Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Potty Training--Girl Style

I've never actually potty trained any child before.
The Man tackled Boo and Bug's potty training with only a little assistance from me. He was home. He had time. He succeeded.
As I've written before, Punk has begun expressing interest in the bathroom activities the rest of the family participates in.
She knows where the potty is. She sits beautifully (buck nekkid) on her potty, and waits for applause FOR DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!
Well, she IS *ahem* a princess.
This morning, noting her pretty dry diaper, I stripped her down and plopped her on the potty, sitting on my throne across from her and waiting.
The boys came in and tried to talk to her, getting a shrill cry that had them scurrying from the room.
I stared adoringly into my daughters eyes, all the while stealing surreptitious peaks to see if she had done anything.
When all of a sudden, Punk got this very odd look on her face and I heard the sweet sound of liquid hitting plastic.
I jumped up, screamed, "YOU PEE PEED IN THE POTTY YOU BRILLIANT WONDERFUL GIRL! NOBEL PRIZE! HERE WE COME! MY CHILD IS A GENIUS! AND I AM A GENIUS FOR HAVING YOU!"Okay, maybe I didn't scream it quite that way, but that was the basic gist.
Meanwhile, Punk looked shocked and a bit suspicious as we wiped and diapered and fussed and oohed and ahh'd.
I think she has an inkling that she just lost a good deal by tinkling in her toilet!
Score one for Mommy!

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mrsrstjr said...

Yay! Kinda gives a new meaning to the term LMPP doesn't it? LOL!