Monday, August 31, 2009

The week in review

Last week was a tough week for our family.
Not only did Bug start school with an unpleasant bang, we had our pre-trial meeting with the attorney and are now waiting for an acceptance or rejection of a settlement offer.
I spent most of last week tied in knots, afraid I would hear from the school, afraid I wouldn't.
Tuesday was Bug's first day and a not so pleasant memory.
Wednesday was his second and I got my first call from the principal, who, although very nice, wasn't someone I wanted to meet under these circumstances.
We decided to take Bug down to 1/2 days for a few weeks to allow him to acclimate
And so we entered Thursday with a new game plan.
The man and I spent two evenings doing little else but building up bug and his school so he'd know what was expected of him. And trying to wear down that mile wide stubborn streak so he could function in a classroom.
Thursday was better, but still rough.
Friday was a break through.
Mostly because bug was running a fever, I think, but four days in, I was taking what I could get.
I spent my week waking up at 4am to worry about Bug's approaching day. While I dressed for work, I talked about his day and activities. While talking to customers, I worried that he was going Rambo on his teachers.
I have shunted my other two children off to the side because they didn't need me as much in that moment.
And I have held my three year old as he melted because he needed me, too, and I just didn't have it to give.
I have excelled as a parent and sucked as a parent. I have tried and failed and tried again.
And this week, I will try again.
And pray my oldest doesn't attack his teachers for some offense, imagined or real.

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