Monday, August 10, 2009

One week down, two weeks to go!

Boo has settled into school in an admirable fashion.
His teacher's just keep telling us how easily he's taken to it.
And he's so excited to go!
In fact, every morning, when The Man drops him off, he forgets to say goodbye and gets right into his daily activities!
The Man's feelings are a bit hurt, but he'll live.
I'm proud of him and sad to watch my baby grow up so quickly.
And I'm caught into the middle of oldest child purgatory, since Bug's school doesn't start for another two weeks!
He doesn't understand why Boo is going and he's not, especially since they attend the same school.
He's the oldest. He should get to go first.
So The Man and I are trying to make Bug's few remaining weeks fun, but it's a toughee!
We've taken him to finish enrollment.
I've made a big deal out of school clothes.
We're making a special day, just Mommy and munchkin, to go get school supplies.
We have a meet and greet with his teacher.
And I'm off his entire first day of school.
But waiting is hard for an almost five year old with dreams of crayons and schoolbooks dancing through his head.
He's ready to learn.
But they aren't ready for him yet.
I doubt they ever will be.

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